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Collinsville News and Information

Collinsville Among Best Towns in Oklahoma for Young Families
Town receives high marks in income growth and affordable homeownership

San Francisco, CA (September 30, 2013) – NerdWallet, a consumer advocacy website, has named Collinsville one of the best towns in Oklahoma for young families.

Oklahoma has some of the most diverse landscapes of any state: prairies, swamps, forests, and sand dunes. Families have many opportunities for enjoying the outdoors together. Plus, there are many excellent, affordable communities for young couples looking to settle down and start a family.

NerdWallet sought to better inform young families and parents-to-be by analyzing towns across the state according to five criteria:

1. Public school ratings
2. Median home value
3. Cost of homeownership
4. Median income
5. Economic growth

NerdWallet ranked Collinsville ninth after assessing the town’s cost of living, education system, and economic growth. The town is the fourth most affordable on our list for homeownership.

“A short commute from Tulsa, Collinsville recently won a grant from TSET (Tobacco Settlement Endowment Trust) to support residents’ health and wellbeing. The town has already achieved Excellence status for existing health work in the community,” said NerdWallet analyst Mike Anderson.

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