City of Collinsville

106 N 12th Street

PO Box 730

Collinsville, OK 74021

(918) 371-1010 Phone

(918) 371-1019 Fax

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Fire Department FAQs

1. When should I call 911?

Call 911 immediately any time there is an emergency or you feel that your safety or health is threatened. If you have an issue that is not an emergency, call the Fire Department at 918-371-1020 or the Police Department at 918-371-1000.

2. Where is the fire station are located at in Collinsville?

Central Fire Station is located at:

1214 West Main

Collinsville, OK 74021

3.Is it okay to stop by one of the fire stations and visit?

Yes! We encourage the community to visit the fire station. Please be aware that the firefighters may be away from the station for any number of reasons when you try to visit. Don’t be discouraged, just try again some other time.

4.Who do I contact to schedule a fire station tour for my group?

You can contact the Chief Harold Call at

918-371-1020 or

5.Why do I see fire trucks at stores and restaurants?

Firefighters work 24 hour shifts every 3rd day, so they work, eat, and sleep at the fire station. Sometimes they are at these places doing inspections or other fire related activities. Other times you may see them at the grocery store buying food to take back to the station to prepare and eat, or at one of our local restaurants eating lunch or dinner.

6. Are the ambulances in Collinsville part of the Fire Department?

Yes. The ambulance service in and around Collinsville is provided by the Collinsville Fire Department.

7.What happens if an ambulance is not available when I need one?

Occasionally, the fire department receives more calls for service than it can handle. When this situation happens, the fire department relies on assistance from another ambulance service such as Owasso Fire Department or Skiatook Fire Department. This practice prevents the patient from having to wait for an extended amount of time before one of our ambulances becomes available.

10. Is it okay to burn inside the city limits?

Yes if certain requirements are met. Burn permits can be obtained at the fire station or city hall.



Contact Numbers

Harold Call
(918) 371-1024


Emergency: Dial 911
Non-Emergency: 918-371-1020

Click here for CFD Shift Assignments


Collinsville Fire Department is located at 1214 W. Main Street.