City of Collinsville

106 N 12th Street

PO Box 730

Collinsville, OK 74021

(918) 371-1010 Phone

(918) 371-1019 Fax

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Reserving Park Areas

If you would like to reserve any of the park pavilions please call 918-371-1010 option 1.

If you would like to reserve the softball field please contact Holly Bays at 918-371-1010 ext 2029.

Park Vandalism

Citizens Please Help Protect Our Park,

City Park employees have been dealing with vandalism issues at the city park off and on since late Spring but recently incidents have been more recent and depraved.
Collinsville’s Public Works Director Phil Stowell commented: “The city and its citizens have invested over a million dollars to upgrade our park and it’s truly a shame to see things such as this happen. Besides the vulgar words and graffiti occasionally written on the bathroom walls, written or scratched into park tables and amenities and toilet paper being thrown around, we are now dealing with vandalism acts that are quite a bit nastier.”
This week one of the new table and chair units by the tennis courts was torn out of the ground by vandals. City staff made repairs and reinstalled the unit, but this incident was not the worst.
On four separate occasions, two of which have happened this past week, fecal material has defaced the walls of the women's bathroom by the splash pad.  The latest incident was noticed by park staff early in the morning on Friday, July 8th.  "Besides the women's bathroom being hit, someone had also defecated on the fall surface by the playground unit," Phil said.  "We need everyone to assist us in catching this deviant and the city will press charges. The Police Department has stepped up patrols of the park but every good citizen and park user is another set of eyes to catch whoever is doing this."
“Closing the bathrooms in order to clean and disinfect is an inconvenience for everyone and closing them for an extended period to deter further vandalism is unfair. We need to do whatever we can to have this stop.”
If you notice any suspicious activity in the park please contact the Collinsville Police Department immediately at 918-371-1000.

Splash Pad Hours

Splash Pad hours are from 9am to 9pm.