City of Collinsville

106 N 12th Street

PO Box 730

Collinsville, OK 74021

(918) 371-1010 Phone

(918) 371-1019 Fax

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Collinsville Recycling Depot

Collinsville is proud to have a local recycling center available to our residents. Recycling has numerous benefits for our community and the environment. Recycling conserves natural resources, reduces air and water pollution, conserves energy, reduces gases that cause global warming, extends the useful lives of our landfills, creates jobs and businesses, and helps keep our neighborhoods clean.


Aluminim Cans - rinse and flatten
Newspapers - including glossy inserts
Plastics #1 & #2 - with neck or handle
  (Check bottom for number, remove lid,
   rinse & flatten)
Glass Bottles - clear, brown & green only
  (No plate, pyrex or other glass accepted)
Office Paper - includes envelopes, 
   colored paper and junk mail
Magazines - up to one-inch thick
   catalogs ok
Motor Oil / Antifreeze
  Up to 5 gallons per person per day
    No mixed fluids or gasoline accepted
   Drop off during attended hours only
Batteries - household and auto
Phone Books

  Commercially-generated waste
Hazardous materials

5 Simple Steps Toward Sustainability

Taking these five simple steps will make a significant difference in your personal carbon footprint.

1. Recycle all that you can
2. Use reusable shopping bags
3. Switch to paperless banking
4. Wash your laundry in cold water
5. Turn off lights and unplug electronics when not in use

If everyone would do just these five things, we would be taking a HUGE step towards sustaining our planet. To put it simply, sustainability means treating the planet as if we intend to stay here.

Recycling Depot
306 East Broadway
Collinsville, OK  74021
(918) 584-0584

Site Will Be Attended
Monday 10am-2pm
Tuesday 10am-2pm
Wednesday 10am-2pm
Thursday 10am-2pm
Friday 10am-2pm
Saturday 10am-2pm
Sunday 12pm-4pm

From Highway 169, go west on Highway 20, go north on N 129th E ave, go east on Broadway, recycling center is located on the left.

Thanks for Recycling!

Waste prevention is even better than recycling. Before you buy or discard an item consider:

Can I buy it with
less packaging?
Can it be used again?
Can I get it with recycled content?

Metropolitan Environmental Trust

The Metropolitan Environmental Trust coordinates and promotes recycling and environmental events in the metropolitan Tulsa area including the Collinsville Recycling Depot.  The M.e.t. also conducts environmental events throughout the year to encourage, educate and facilitate recycling. For more information or questions about recycling, please visit the Metropolitan Environmental Trust at one of the links below: