Water & Sewer Treatment Division

The Collinsville Water Treatment Plant is located at 15398 N 154th E Avenue in Collinsville, OK. The drinking water for the City of Collinsville is treated at this facility through a multi-level process. The Collinsville Wastewater Treatment Facility is located at 15601 N 129th E Avenue in Collinsville, OK. The facility uses discharging lagoons to treat the wastewater collected from the City of Collinsville.

The goal of the Water and Sewer Treatment Division is to provide safe, reliable, efficient and cost-effective services to the residents and businesses of the City of Collinsville while ensuring the protection of public health and the environment through the operation, repair, and improvement to the water distribution and wastewater collection systems.

The City of Collinsville shares the 2023 Consumer Confidence Report (CCR). This report reviews & explains the City's drinking water quality test results. 

Download your copy here:  2023 Consumer Confidence Report