Extensions & Fees

Payment Arrangements & Extensions

If you are having trouble paying your bill, please contact the Utility Office before the disconnect date. All payment arrangements must be made by the account holder in person in the Utility Office before the 20th of the month. No arrangements will be made on or after the last day to pay. Payment arrangements can be made twice a year and require an Agreement for Deferred Payment form to be completed and signed by the account holder with one-half of the account balance being paid at the time of the arrangement.

Disconnect Fee

Accounts not paid in full before the disconnect date will be assessed a $50 processing fee. Please do not make a past due payment online on the 22nd.

Returned Check Fee

The fees for any returned check or auto draft are a $20 for a returned check or $24 for a returned draft plus and a $25 collection fee. All monies for returned items must be paid with cash, money order, cashier's check or Visa/MasterCard. If services are disconnected for non-payment due to a returned check or draft, an additional $25 processing fee will be charged along with the original balance due and all other assessed fees.