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  • Don't Go It Alone: Public nuisances result from all sorts of circumstances. People with public nuisances on their property can become agitated if approached about them. Let the City address these matters.
  • Help Wanted: The City of Collinsville has limited staff for code enforcement. Responsible citizens are encouraged to serve as our eyes and ears. If you see a public nuisance condition in your neighborhood - report it. All reports will be investigated and reporting parties can remain anonymous.
  • How to Make a Report: The most common way to report public nuisances is by telephone. You can call 918-371-1010, ext. 2044 during regular business hours. You can also email the nuisance to Russell Young. The most critical information needed is the correct address where the public nuisance is occurring, what the public nuisance is, and where it is located on the property.
  • Remember: Ugliness is not a public nuisance. Neighbors who paint their houses in distasteful colors or display unusual yard ornaments are not public nuisance violators. Also, subdivision covenants are enforceable as a civil matter by property owners within the subdivision and are not public nuisances enforceable by the City.

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